Survive a Family Road Trip

The family road trip is the ultimate family vacation. That doesn’t mean it has to be all the cliches of whining kids and grumpy parents. Enjoy your family road trip.

While it sounds so simple – pack up your stuff and the kids and go – how well you plan your family road trip can make the difference between fun and frustration.

The following resources will help you enjoy your family road trip:

Family Road Trip Packing Tips –

There is an art to packing well for a journey, bringing the critical baggage for everyone from babies to teens, and still leaving room for family members to sit in the car. Follow these family road trip packing tips to lighten your load.

Bring a Family Travel Tote –

If you are on a road trip with kids, you should be armed with the Super-Mom Travel Tote. You can avoid unnecessary roadside stops, digging into huge suitcases, and other nuisances by simply creating your travel tote.

Healthy Kid Snack Ideas –

On a family road trip, it is tempting to resort to eating overpriced junk food. You’re on the move, and fast food or convenience store options are so easy to find. But save money, and keep your family fit with these cheap, healthy travel snack ideas and recipes.

Top Family Beach Vacations –

If the road trip is the ultimate family vacation, the beach is the ultimate family destination. Here are the best family beach vacations, a beach destination ideal for both parents and kids.

Save Gas on Road Trips –

While the ever-increasing cost of gasoline is enough to make anybody cancel a road trip, your family does not have to remain at home. These are some recommendations for saving money on your next family road trip.

Afford Your Dream Family Vacation –

Yes, you can have your dream vacation. Whatever your budget and whatever your dream, with careful planning and a few tips, that dream family vacation can become a reality.

RV Travel With Kids –

RV travel is rapidly gaining popularity as a family holiday option, and there are many benefits to traveling with children in an RV. Here are a few reasons to travel by RV.

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