How to Find Good Restaurants

How to Find Good Restaurants for Dining While on Business Travel ?

Corporate travelers, especially on extended business, can find good restaurants via online restaurant reservations websites or restaurant recommendations.

Travel frequently involves sampling the local flavor of a destination — the sights, the sounds, and the tastes. While it can be fascinating to rely on the old standby chain restaurants for familiar fare, travelers requiring to immerse themselves in the local tradition should seek out local restaurants. Follow these suggestions for savoring the flavor of a destination and finding a good meal while on the road.

Online Restaurant Reservations Sites Offer Reviews

Before a trip, business travelers can consult one of many websites that offers online reservations. Sites such as can be searched by city or state to find restaurants, and detailed restaurant listings include basics such as parking information, types of cuisine, a range of prices, and credit cards accepted. In addition, member-written reviews provide the inside scoop from a diner’s perspective of what to expect — and which restaurants or tables to avoid.

Business travelers can also use websites to make online reservations for corporate business meetings or group dinners.

Word of Mouth for Local Restaurant Dining

An excellent way to learn where the locals eat is to ask them. Rather than asking the concierge or front desk clerk for restaurant recommendations, ask where they like to eat themselves. By finding out where they eat or taking an out-of-town guest, business travelers can find the hidden gems of a town that isn’t mentioned in the tour guide.

In addition, ask people on the street for suggestions for lunch or dinner. Often, locals are happy to share the information with an out-of-town guest.

Street Food Can Be a Dining Experience

Numerous cities are renowned for their street food. New York City, for example, offers ample dining choices — from hot dogs to gourmet fare. Look no further than the food carts set up along busy streets or near subway entrances or other high-traffic areas to find inexpensive, fast, and delicious food.

Local Message Boards for Good Restaurants

A city or region’s message board or chat room can provide recommendations for local eateries to try out when traveling. Visit the town newspaper’s or radio station’s website to learn about the dining options available in the area.

There are many ways to eat like a local and find a good meal when traveling. By not being afraid to ask for recommendations for conducting web research, business travelers can improve their chances of finding good food on the road.

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