Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

How to Stay Safe When Traveling Alone for Business

Business travel is often solo travel; stay safe by never giving out hotel room numbers, keeping control of luggage, staying alert and aware, and other practical tips.

Often, business travelers pass through airports, fly and stay in hotels alone. While there are benefits to solo business travel, there are also precautions to stay safe – especially for women travelers.

Be Safe, Give a Copy of Itinerary to Friends or Family

Traveling alone can make one more vulnerable to trouble or crime; be sure to pass along a copy of flight and hotel information (including phone numbers) and other details to a trusted friend or family member.

Be Cautious and Limit Luggage for Safe Solo Air Travel

Travelers taking public transportation to the airport should be cautious in any information transmitted to others. Avoid telling anyone about flight or itinerary information, including how long the itinerary is or the date of return – it also communicates that someone will not be home. In addition, it can give other travelers information that could be dangerous, such as hotel information. Be cautious when speaking to others and don’t give out too much information.

When traveling by air, consider the amount of luggage that can be handled comfortably. Don’tDon’t travel with luggage too heavy to carry or too many bags to hold. In addition, don’t try to take public transportation with more than one or two bags – it’s safer to take a taxi cab.

Be Aware of Surroundings to Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

Criminals look for tourists or out-of-towners, especially if they seem distracted or confused. Stay alert and cautious; don’t leave purses or other personal belongings unattended for any reason. In addition, be wary of large groups where pickpockets might be working.

Be Confident and Blend in to be Safe

A confident solo traveler is more likely to be mistaken for a local; when out on the town, walk confidently and try to avoid looking at a map or asking for directions in public. Instead, ask the front desk or concierge for advice before setting out. In addition, use intuition – don’t walk alone in an area that seems unsafe, and never walk alone at night…

Secure Hotel Room Doors, Verify Identification Before Opening Guest Room Doors

In the hotel, never give out a room number; if the front desk clerk says the number out loud, don’t be shy about asking to switch to a different room.

Once in the room, make sure the doors and windows lock correctly – and keep them closed. Also, use the chain lock if there is one. Avoid utilizing the “do not disturb” door hanger – hanging the sign could indicate that the room is occupied. Please do not use the card displaying to Housekeeping that space should be cleaned, either — it’s a sign that also communicates that there is currently no one in the room.

If a knock at the door occurs, check the peephole before opening the door. Call the front desk to verify if visitors claim they work for the hotel, especially if their visit was not expected or scheduled.

Safety is an essential consideration for all travelers, but especially those traveling on their own. Take precautions and use intuition to ensure safety when traveling alone.

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