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The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide Book

A Book for Traveling Women

Travel writer Debbi Karpowicz Kickham shares travel tips, including skin products and beauty products, for female business travelers and other travelers.

Beauty and business travel don’t have to be mutually exclusive; travel writer Debbi Karpowicz Kickham has published an insider’s guide with tips and interviews for getting – and staying – gorgeous on the road. The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide: Travel and Beauty Professionals’ Diet and Beauty Secrets, Executive Travelers, and Celebrity Travelers provide insights gleaned from interviews with flight attendants, travel and beauty professionals, traveling executives, and celebrities about beauty, diet, and exercise that can change the way you look and feel when traveling.

The book is burst into 12 sections covering beauty secrets and bargain shopping tips from traveling beauty editors, makeup artists, models, and more. 

Tips for staying slim while taking a cruise; luggage and packing tips; advice for female business travelers; a round-up of hotels with women-oriented health and well-being programs; and more; a special section on shopping in Paris is also included.

Best Snacks and Fitness Tips for Traveling Women

Kickham writes that she makes a conscious choice: to decide if she wants to eat what she wants or to wear what she wants; wearing what she wants always wins. To do so, she eats about 1,200-1,400 calories per day and takes a daily three-mile walk to keep fit. In addition, she always travels with carefully selected food – whether it’s for a trip running errands or a trip around the world. Some of the low-calorie, delicious snacks she lists in her top 10 include string cheese, almonds, and popcorn.

Kickham Shares Strategies for Airline Check-In

In Chapter Three, “Check-In Strategies,” Kickham includes a top-10 list of carry-on items and a top-10 list of medications to pack. In contrast, the carry-on things are routine (such as saline solution, camera equipment, and cosmetics), the medications list is notable, 

Including such items as an antacid, Aspirin, and a filled prescription of antibiotics should a traveler fall ill in a foreign country and not have access to a doctor.

Celebrities Provide Beauty Secrets for Travel

Chapter four, “Celebrity Secrets,” provides travelers with the inside scoop on how celebrities including Joan Lunden, full-figured model Emme, and broadcaster Nancy O’Dell look and feel great while traveling. Lunden says she uses a 10-minute routine her trainer taught her when she is on the road. In addition, she said, she tucks exercise bands into her suitcase to use when traveling.

Female Business Travelers Offer Travel Tips

Chapter 10 includes travel tips from female executives from around the world. High-profile women such as a professional LPGA golfer, a hotel CEO, and a journalist and author share advice on cosmetics and other beauty products they can’t travel without, tips for comfortable air travel, and the best luggage for traveling. Many women use zip-top bags to store essentials such as toiletries and makeup products and clothing items to avoid stains or wrinkling.

Review of the Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide

Overall, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide is a well-researched book for travelers looking for tips on how to stay healthy and beautiful on the road. From celebrities to professional athletes to flight attendants, a variety of interview sources offer tips and advice based on their own frequent travel experience.

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